Mailart & ArtByMail // open_calls & exhibitions repository

Mailart & ArtByMail // open_calls & exhibitions repository

mail_art + art_by_mail + [e]mail_art + art_by[e]mail is an esteemed Portuguese project that has established itself as the premier source for mailart in Portugal and a highly regarded entity internationally. Its mandate to gather, archive, and promote all things related to mailart has culminated in a project that exemplifies top-quality standards.

Since its inception in 2018, has curated an impressive collection of exhibitions, workshops, and publications that showcase the best in contemporary mailart. Its website features a meticulously curated list of active open calls, sorted by due date, along with a comprehensive list of talented artists and their works. has also become an invaluable resource for mailart enthusiasts and professionals alike, providing an extensive collection of links of interest and a wealth of information on the history and practice of mailart. Its commitment to the art form extends beyond information dissemination, as it creates and shares exhibition equipment and templates, thereby facilitating the organization of mailart exhibitions by others.

The project's dedication to professional standards is reflected in its meticulous documentation and archiving of mailart works and related materials. This has contributed to the growth and preservation of the art form, as well as enhancing the project's reputation as a top-quality resource.

In conclusion, is a project of the highest professional caliber, one that reflects top-quality standards. Its commitment to the promotion, preservation, and archiving of mailart has contributed significantly to the growth and advancement of the art form. Its exhibitions, workshops, publications, and resources make it an invaluable resource for all those interested in the fascinating world of mailart.


Check the FAQ section to learn how to contribute to this archive and how to submit artwork to the listed open calls. Thanks for your support.

So, for all of those like us that enjoy stats and precise numbers check MAILART.PT STATS.