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1st FPA's Mail Art exhibition

  • show 2023-01-15 > 2023-02-28
  • ongoing exhibition > 23 day(s) left
  • show address Brasil
  • description

    Art in changing times: how can the art be the protagonist in the contemporary scenario.

  • curator Cíntia Amaral
  • info

  • Cuando el río suena...

  • show 2023-02-15 > 2023-02-15
  • 10 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Argentina
  • description

    Question the event, from the natural catastrophe, suffered in the Cordón de las Sierras Chicas, and in any other place in the world, where this type of circumstance has been suffered.

    Obviously, it will not be an intervention for contemplation.

    Articulating diverse artistic supports: photography, video, texts, audio, object, engraving, painting, sculpture, textiles, and installations.

    Through the opening of public calls and individual production.

    A project carried out by many, where I become a bridge, to be able to heal, from the most powerful weapon we have, which is to create.

  • curator Maria Castillo
  • info
  • info

  • Les Mouettes Curieuses

  • show 2023-03-01 > 2023-03-31
  • 24 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Cléder | France
  • curator Cléder
  • info

  • Womem and Education in the World

  • show 2023-03-01 > 2023-03-31
  • 24 day(s) left for premier
  • show address CEIP Princesa de España | Rua Antonio Fernández Pérez s/n | CP32600 Verín Ourense | Espanã
  • info
  • info

  • Women's Rights

  • show 2023-03-01 > 2023-03-31
  • 24 day(s) left for premier

  • In the Sign of Women

  • show 2023-03-11 > 2023-04-30
  • 34 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Aula Consiliare del Comune di Roncello | Piazzale Don Carlo Gnocchi, 1 | Italy
  • info
  • theme battles, hopes and dreams

  • Leaving a Mark - IV International Mail Art Call

  • show 2023-06-01 > 2023-07-19
  • 116 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Villa de Móstoles Cultural Centre | Móstoles | Madrid, Spain
  • description

    Fingerprints identify us, distinguish us, reveal us while describing our trail, our path, our wanderings... It seems vital and necessary to pass through this world leaving a positive residue, an essence of our own, an emotional perfume, a particular way of being. Go through this world LEAVING A MARK. Fingerprints, handprints, footprints, heart prints, soul prints... The poet Antonio Machado speaks to us about the unmarked footprints and paths, about the open and shared footprints of our lives, in his remarkable poem: “Walker, they are your footprints / the path and nothing else; / walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking". Let's follow in his footsteps, from ours.

  • curator AYUNTAMIENTO DE MÓSTOLES, Concejalía de Cultura
  • info
  • info
  • medium Free intervention, using as a pattern the image of a fingerprint attached to these RULES of the Call DEJANDO HUELLA · LEAVING A MARK, and can also be used as a simple reference or inspiration.

  • [e]mailart

  • show 2030-01-01 > 2035-12-31
  • 2522 day(s) left for premier
  • show address
  • description

    do consider what [e]mailart is and could be. consider what's the difference between merely sending a simple attachment or image as an email body or otherwise sending a real piece of art that uses all the capacity of what embodies the digital world and the ancient email technology and protocols.

    can a mere attachment be considered a work of art? or should we explore something that resides in the body of the email and is changeable and unique and unable to subsist in any other medium than that?

    alternatively, you may also submit some words, your point of view on the matter, or even an essay regarding the "digital world vs mailart vs [e]mailart vs art".

    any questions regarding the open call should not be sent to us by email as they won't be replied to.

  • curator
  • info
  • medium static or dynamic digital artwork that "live" in the environment native to e-mail

  • LEONIART PROJECT MMLVII - "Jump to the future"

  • show 2057-05-07 > 2057-05-07
  • 12510 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Abbazia di S.Bernardino | Genova | Italy
  • description

    The artists have to represent a landscape of their city, country, or any place of the world such as they imagine it will be in 2057. It can be something dystopic, fantastic, a wonderful peaceful landscape full of colors, or simply the same as seen today. It could be prophetic or not.

  • info
  • info
  • medium minimum size of 2000 x 2600 pixels rectangular and horizontal (landscape) proportions will be preferred

  • "E" Ambassadeur d'Utopia

  • show 2067-02-17 > 2067-02-17
  • 16083 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Guivry | France
  • info